Courses Current & Past

HistSci2200 – The History of Scientific Thought (2011-Ongoing, Huron)
Phil1350 – Reality and What We Can Know of It (2017-Ongoing, Huron)
Phil2250 – Introduction to Logic (Summer 2014, UWO; Summer 2017-Ongoing, Huron)
Phil3040 – Origins of Analytic Philosophy (Winter 2019, Huron)

Phil2020 – Basic Logic (Fall 2009; 2012/13; Winter 2014, UWO)
Phil2260 – Introduction to the Philosophy of Language (Fall 2011, UWO)

Other Material

Companion Notes to The Logic Book

These notes have been developed over the years to act as a technical, historical, and pedagogical supplement to Bermann, Moor, and Nelson’s The Logic Book, published by McGraw-Hill and now in its sixth edition. A standard at Western, the primary advantage of this text is its wealth of exercises with solutions, allowing students ample practice. However, the book has a habit of introducing certain conceptual, historical, and especially mathematical ideas (esp. mathematical-style proofs!) without the explanations necessary to understand the methods, or to appreciate their importance and interconnections. I include chapters/exercises on Set Theory, Mathematical Induction, Reading and Constructing Mathematical Proofs, a Conceptual Review of material in the text, and an extended section on Foundations (infinity, SOL, Logicism).

Outreach Teaching

For many years now I have been an invited speaker to the Grade 12 philosophy class(es) at Loyola Catholic Secondary School in Mississauga, Ontario.  Although the topic sometimes changes, recently I have discussed various issues in logic, epistemology, and the role of philosophy in understanding the scientific method.