About Me

Born in what is now Toronto (originally Etobicoke), I grew up in Mississauga, which is a suburb thereof.  I completed a specialist in philosophy at the University of Toronto in 2006.

At The University of Western Ontario I completed my Masters in 2007 and my Doctorate in 2014.  I have been teaching at Huron University College since 2011, where the students consistently impress and entertain.  In my time as a student at Western I assisted in the organization of many conferences, including the annual Philosophy of Mind, Language, and Cognitive Science Graduate Conference and the annual Logic, Mathematics, and Physics Philosophy Graduate Conference. I also organized the Philosophy Graduate Student Association’s weekly colloquium series.  A while back I organized a very lively Carnap Reading Group.  We made our way through a part of LSL in excruciating detail.

Climbing during the 2015 Sea to Sky Scramble in Squamish, BC.

I continue to be an avid recreational runner.  I’ve competed in a number of races at several distances over the years, including the 2014 Vulture Bait Trail Ultramarathon (50k) in London, Ontario (my longest race thus far). The summer of 2015 I drove across Canada from Ontario to BC, running a trail race in every province I visited. It was fascinating to experience such diverse terrain. My long-term, completely arbitrary goal is to beat Alan Turing’s extremely respectable marathon time of 2:46:03. If you are interested in hiking or trail running in the London area, I recommend visiting the Thames Valley Trail Association. I acted as their interim web manager during the first half of 2016, overseeing the launch of their new website.

I sometimes engage in quasi-artistic endeavours in a variety of mediums (digital, papercraft, and cake-related mostly). I am considering showcasing some of my works on this site, so stay-tuned.

Besides my academic, artistic, and running pursuits, I spend a good deal of my time thinking about and playing tabletop board games.  My current favourites are Twilight ImperiumAgricola, Dominion, Twilight Struggle, and Tigris and Euphrates.  I also enjoy cooking/baking, have a love of old books, science fiction, fine beers, camping/canoeing, and billiards.

For most of my typesetting needs I use LaTeX, and you can too.  The software is free to use and open-source, and so an excellent alternative to many other expensive (and inferior!) software packages. In the same vein I am also a supporter of the Open Access Movement, meaning I think scholarly work should be disseminated for free and available to anyone with interest, rather than owned by publishing houses and stuck behind a pay-wall.  Peter Suber has a wonderful discussion on the ins and outs of the idea here.  Here is a list of some open-access philosophy journals.

My PhilPapers entry is here.